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Alone Moment book 📙

THE ALONE MOMENT: Foreword The alone Moment is the time you have to move every person you know away from, in order for you to hear the voice of God and to obey it. Many times, our surroundings become a hindrance for the Lord not to speak to us, some people are a burden and a blockage to the flow of the Spirit of God in our individual lives and ministry. There’s a time we have to seriously move everyone away from us in order to create that Alone Moment with God. Sometimes we have to go an extra mile of forcefully moving people away from us in order for us to gain that precious time with our God.

Unto this moment you haven’t truly encountered God until you learn to create that Alone Moment with Him. In the Alone is where you find that quite time, direct focus and gaze upon your Heavenly Father. The Alone Moment is a place where you enter alone and be with Him alone; God your Creator. God speaks to us in many ways but in the Alone Moment is were His voice is more Audible to you at a personal basis. You can argue this with me that God continually speaks; Yes, that is 100% true, God continually speaks to His children, now the Question is; How many hear Him? Not everyone has reached that level of the Spirit to hear God at any time; that is why the Alone moment serves as an advantage to all the children of God to have a Special time their Heavenly Father. The Alone Moment is a special time each Christian have to create and consecrate it to the Lord alone. We have 24 Hours in one full day, but how much of that time do we consecrate to the Lord? Or how much of that time is dedicated to our time with God. We have time for any other thing but why can’t we make time for our God. I know that there is not free time on this busy world; that is why he have to create time and set it aside for our Alone Moment with God. Some times we are too clustered and entangle ourselves with the affairs of this world and that is an Automatic hindrance to hearing the voice of God; that is why the Alone Moment with God is needed in the life of every Christian. I personally believe and know without any shadow of doubt that the Alone Moment is the best and perfect place of fellowship and communion with our Creator God Almighty. I have tried many ways and means to get close to God but that effort was to no avail until I realized that I needed to get personal with my God. I decided to be setting time aside to commune and have fellowship with my God and I believe that is only in the Alone Moment where I FOUND PERFECT FELLOWSHIP AND COMMUNION WITH GOD, and is were I get personal with my Creator. You’ll waste your time and perhaps never encounter God if you think God can be found anywhere, anytime and anyhow; Pause= It is true God is Omni-present, but He cannot be found anyhow, you have to make effort and time for Him for you to have an encounter with Him at a personal level.

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