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You're welcome to Jonathan Kingdom Minister official website, and also this is the website were we feature the JKM KINGDOM MATTERS which is Incomparable Eternal Weight of Glory blog which is also known as #TheAloneMoment

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Church Politics 

The Article: Church Politics by J.K.MThere is a much of a confussion which crossed my mind in the body of Christ and that confussion: I call it Church Politics. Church politics is a terrible Liabillity in the precious body of our Lord Jesus Christ the Church. It is were you find people who are supposed to be one and mightly united fighting one another saying: I am more anointed than you are, or more powerful than you are. Anointing and power is given by Christ to everyone at their own measure, meaning it's foolishness to fight over spiritual matters of gifts. Everyone of us function in their own Realm or Spiritual domain. Church Politics is evitable if we all remain in much Unity and love towards one another. Love is the element that is missing in the body of our Lord Jesus Christ: His Church. Power and honour belongs to him and the reason we fight one another regarding anointing is because we want to take the Glory for ourselves and we refuse to give it to God Almighty, when we give the Glory to him we will all remain in Oneness, unity and Love.Mt 12:25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: This scripture speaks volume, if we are one what we claim and believe will surely remain and stand, but the moment we begun to fight one another than all that we believe and claim will surely fall apart. Let us get rid of Politics in the Church for our God is not a politician but a Creator of Heaven and Earth, Politics is a Charm against the Good news of Jesus Christ. 


The Article 3: Life by Jonathan Kingdom Minister Many will choose to say life is unfair, but on the contrary; we are or you are the one who is unfair to life. We want to live lifes which are not in line with our destiny is were the problem start. Your life will be smooth only when you align to the demand of your destiny. Brother/sister do not look at another and want or envy to live like them, is when you even start to think that life is unfair because you have peeped into another's life and saw how they live now you start to think the way your life is going is not in the right direction, but were you're headed to is were your destination is located. Your destinatin is not located in the same diretion as of your neighbor. Live your life according to how God has fashioned you to live it. You're unique, you're different from another don't expect to live the same way. My life is not your life, my destiny is not your destiny.

Love of God 

Love of God. 
Let me start with this well know scripture (John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.). Brethren when we look at this very scripture we can see that Love is the only thing that can cause you to act differently towards your neighbor, the troubles we are experiencing in the society is because this one element is lacking that is LOVE. Believe is also a result of Love, because you cannot believe in someone whom you do not love. God sent us His only begotten Son in the name of Love and the son carried the Heart of the Father that is the heart of Love by accepting that great and terrible Mission to die for the sins of the world. If Jesus did not have Love he could simply come to earth and refuse to die our sins, but Love drove him all the way to the Cross. Jesus 100% son of God and 100% son of man. 
To be continued. We 

Know Your Father 

Know your Father by Jonathan Kingdom Minister  We all have fathers even in the physical so also in the Spirit we should have a father. You say you're born again in Jesus Christ but He is seated at the right hand of God his father, now tell me you're born again through who? The man who father you in Christianity is called your spiritual father and I believe that every true Christian should have one. You need to know and be able to Identify your father, just like in the physical not every man in the street is your father because he is a man, you know and you're able to identify the man who born you: so also in the body of Christ not every Pastor you see on television is your father, you're free to acknowledge them as man of God but you're not bound to them as your spiritual parents. Isaac was able to succeed in life because he knew who was his father, Abraham was both to him physical and spiritual father. Jesus Christ knew who was his father: it was Creator, God of Heaven and earth. Jesus knew very well without any shadowof doubt that Creator God was was his Spiritual father, he never adress God: God but he always said my father to an extend that the elders of Isreal accused him for blasphemy. Know your father, never be a person who see anyone on the street and start calling them father, you have one father spiritually respect him and follow his counsel attentively and the Lord God almighty will establish you. Joshua knew that Moses was his spiritual father and he followed him to the end. Elisha knew that Elijah was his mentor,Timothy also knew Paul to be his Father, know your father and remain at his feet. 

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Jonathan Jonathan KINGDOM MINISTER is a young man who believe's that Jesus is Lord and that He died for our sins on the cross JKM IS ORIGINALLY FROM ONE OF THE BIGGEST REGIONS IN NAMIBIA; OTJOZONDJUPA FROM A SMALL TOWN BUT SPEEDILY GROWING CALLED OKAKARARA, HE IS SINGLE AND IS THE PRESIDENT OF Incomparable Eternal Weight of Glory, BELIEVERS CONFESSION CHRISTIAN NETWORK and the JONATHAN MINISTRIES. JKM TURNING POINT..... In ones life there is always a turning point, Born in some 90's, raised in a small village called Okahitua in Okakarara Consituency. JKM came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in the year 2012 when he came to Windhoek in a mission to pursue and break his ways into one of the systems of this world called Education: but God Almighty had other divine plans to bring DJS into His own divine Kingdom but not into the systems of this world, DJS gave his life to Jesus Christ in his mother Church: AGAPA KINGDOM. AND HE NEVER WEAVERED TO HIS DIVINE CALLING TO SERVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST TO THIS VERY DAY....

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