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2022; Year of God the Creator

#Determinition #Commitment #Fellowship #Communion #Dedication


2022 is the Year of a Great Revival and is also the Year of stepping into Eternity. When you successfully fulfill all the above steps it is equivalent to stepping into Eternity or Living endlessly.

Life Eternal

=Faith and Hope these two are equivalent coupled with Love, Life Eternal our Reality.

=Eternity is to live a life which is without boundaries.

=it is a sure garment of life which the Father want give to those who have a commitment and dedication towards God.

=Life without End, Power of an Endless Life.

2022 Year of His Eminence Creator God

=it is Year of holding God in Highest esteem,

= it is a year of regarding God,

=is is a Year of Noticing God, behold a Notable Year.

=is the Year of God the Creator

=It is a Year everyone have to look unto the Creator, that we may inherit Eternity.

=It is the year everyone have to look to God, by this time you should've already know God or look for him now, because after the year 2022 it will be very difficult for you to look for God. if you never established a relationship with God 2022 is your year to do so!

= 2022 is the year you'll never regret serving God.


=is the reality of the gift of life, it is living according to how the Creator want us to live, can we ever proof that we can live according to how Creator desire us to live.

=is the establishment of who the Creator is,

=is the gift of life from the Creator unto mankind and every creature existing within the existence of the Creator.

By having a relationship with God we're establishing ourselves in the level of Spirituality, we cannot speak of any domain of the spirit without having a relationship with God the Creator; because it is with the Creator that we have a; fellowship, commitment, dedication and communion.

The law came to introduce religion, but salvation is the establishment of spirituality. As touching the law we cannot speak of Spirituality because by that time men have not yet began to have a relationship directly from the spirit with God the Creator, they had to pass through; sacrifice, law and any other thing you can speak of. Spirituality is the greatest sacrifice which Christ gave his own life by dying on the cross, that was to introduce salvation which produces spirituality.

Many of us are seeking for a relationship, a dedication, commitment, communion but we do not have an existing relationship with God our Creator: it is by Creator that we can experience the Reality and the fullness of God.


=is the Year of God the Creator


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